Do you have a "security blanket"?

People look to lots of things to feel satisfied, secure, safe. But where do we find lasting peace and satisfaction?

Driving down the street one day, I happened to notice a little girl walking slowly from the yard to her house. She was dragging a well-worn and dirty blanket behind her. She seemed dejected, and as I watched, the blanket caught on a shrub. Without a change in her expression, or even slowing stride, she yanked the blanket free and continued on her way.

The scene brought to mind how one of our daughters had always seemed to need a "security blanket" and for years never went anywhere without it. In fact, it was only when she was fast asleep that I could pry it away from her to wash it! Gradually, as it wore out, it became smaller and smaller until one day, with great solemnity, my daughter stood by while I stuffed it into the kitchen trash. She had finally matured enough to realize that she no longer needed that type of so-called security because God was always at hand to protect her and love her—to be depended on in any situation.

The vigor of God's man
September 30, 1991

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