Defeating the time factor

We can find release from the pressure of time constraints through infinite divine Mind, the Mind we truly reflect.

When we face what seem to be incredible workloads, how can we deal most effectively with time crunches?

I've found over the years that learning a little more each day about God, omnipresent Mind, has helped me. And, as I've striven to lift my thought above time constraints through prayer, I've learned more about Mind's control of man's life.

Divine Mind never places its reflection, man, in pressure-cooker situations but governs every aspect of his being in perfect harmony. Discerning this in prayer, coming to feel it as the spiritual reality of our own life, we'll find calm and productivity to be the order of our day. In turbulent times, we'll prove that, as the Psalmist said of God, "He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still."

The man that we are
November 11, 1991

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