God's free-flowing good

God's goodness is always flowing to us. But we need the Christly discipline that dissolves our own resistance.

God's love and goodness are always flowing freely to each one of us. Christ Jesus told his disciples, "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." All harmony, intelligence, accuracy, justice, tenderness, strength, come from the goodness of God, and these qualities are freely available to all of us to feel and express.

But what would appear to keep us from experiencing this God-bestowed harmony? Do we allow our personal agendas and desires to strew our pathway with stones and boulders? Are we throwing up dikes of resistance to this free-flowing good by fearing and obeying false gods, by allowing base motives and reactions to govern our thinking? Are we stumbling over stones of ignorance because we are too lazy to discipline our thought to bring it into line with Godlike qualities? Christly thinking dissolves the stones of resistance to good.

Feeling confidence at exam time
January 7, 1991

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