Access denied!

When evil thoughts tempt us, we don't have to let them in. Through the power of God, we can deny them access.

Many who work with computers are familiar with a message that can come up on the screen: "File access denied due to password protection." Unless we supply the password, the computer will not permit us to access the file, and we are kept out of it. In thinking about this from the viewpoint of Christian Science, I realized that prayer to establish spiritual reality as the basis of our thinking, combined with the active denial of the reality of sickness, inharmony, fear, or lack, could act as our "password protection." The question is, Are we alert in refusing entry to whatever does not measure up to our standard of right thinking?

For error—wrong or evil thoughts—to enter the consciousness that understands God as All, it would have to announce its nothingness. This is certainly not something error would or could do, for as Jesus tells us, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation." Matt. 12:25. For error to announce God as All would be identical to declaring its (error's) powerlessness.

September 4, 1989

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