God is the answer

God isn't just an answer when you're searching for satisfying companionship; He's the answer.

For many, finding someone with whom to share a permanent relationship can be an unfulfilled longing that eats away at happiness. When I was a teen-ager, the most important thing in my life—and the lives of many of my friends—was boys. I was terribly insecure and needed to be special to someone in order to feel I mattered. For me, that meant having a boyfriend.

When I wasn't going steady, I felt as though there were a huge vacuum in my life; and the part of me that didn't seem to be missing was filled with depression and tears of "what's wrong with me?" Even when I did have a boyfriend, I was never able to enjoy the relationship. I was constantly convinced that I wasn't good enough for him and that he would find someone else he liked better. This was definitely a no-win situation: I was miserable when I didn't have what I wanted and anxious about losing it when I did.

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