The Lord's Prayer brings peace

The love in our hearts may seem to get up and go just when we need it most. But God's love never fails.

I Was one of four teachers in a small, remote Innuit Eskimo village in northern Alaska at a time when strains of modern society on an ancient culture were being felt more intensely. Outside pressures seemed to be challenging the villagers' way of life. As a result, the educational system was questioned by some members of the community. Four months into the school year, as we—the teachers—were leaving a school-sponsored community function, we found ourselves surrounded by an angry crowd of people. Many were intoxicated and some had guns. I began to pray the prayer my mother had taught me when I was a little child—the prayer given by Christ Jesus to his followers and dearly loved by Christian Scientists—the Lord's Prayer.

I had been alerted to a problem of drinking that evening, and I had prayed that the calm, sure strength of God would support and guide all of us. When verbal abuse and personal threats began, I responded firmly but without anger, and the crowd backed off. However, it seemed imperative that we escape this scene. There had already been one violent death that year, much destruction, and disruptions in classrooms.

"The garment of praise"
November 20, 1989

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