In everything give thanks

For the Christian, gratitude goes far beyond being thankful for the good one now has. It's a recognition of the infinite good of God, always at hand.

When the Christ, the true idea of God that Jesus presented, enlightened Paul's thinking, he realized that the followers of Jesus, whom he had been persecuting, were serving God in the right way. Under divine guidance, he changed direction and dedicated his life to taking Christianity beyond the Jewish world. Doing this, he suffered much persecution (see II Cor. 11:23-27). Yet in his letters to the young Christian churches he consistently reminded them to give God thanks. To one he wrote, "In every thing give thanks." I Thess. 5:18. He proved that accidents, injustice, illness, trials of any kind, could not separate him from the goodness of God or the love of Christ.

The Christ message, as understood in Christian Science, reveals God as the inexhaustible source of all good and as always pouring blessings upon His precious sons and daughters. God's lovingkindness is unending and never ceases under any circumstances. God never separates His children from good. He never shuts them out from His blessings. Because man is God's expression, good is the reality, the actual indestructible substance, of man's being.

Never beyond the reach of Love
November 20, 1989

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