Last March, when we had a chat in this space with our readers...

Last March, when we had a chat in this space with our readers regarding Sentinel progress, we said we wished we had an appropriate season in which to be expressing our gratitude for all of you. The Christmas season seems about the right time to be saying again how very much you all mean to us.

A local newspaper headline recently proclaimed on its front page, "Material world sees a turn to spirituality" (see "Second Thought" in this issue). Your loyalty, your love, your vision of what the Sentinel and its message can mean in a world newly wakening to spiritual sense, deeply encourage every one of us here working on these publications.

This loyalty is also, frankly, something utterly essential to the well-being of the Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal. Your prayer and active work in subscribing for, contributing to, sharing these publications and making them much more widely known are plainly crucial to their continuing success. They do not simply make it on their own. It is a very expensive undertaking to print attractive publications today for a modest-sized circulation, without outside advertisers.

The gift of Christmas
December 19, 1988

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