A few years ago my husband and I decided to go abroad...

A few years ago my husband and I decided to go abroad on a fourteen-day holiday. We took with us our daughter and her friend, a maternity nurse. (Neither of them was a Christian Scientist.)

The day we started our journey by car I got very sick. It became so bad that we had to stop often on the way to the ferry port. On arrival at the port I decided to call a Christian Science practitioner. There were at least five telephone boxes, but they were all out of order or occupied and I could not reach a practitioner. I had to struggle to get on board the ferry, but the thought came to me, "If God is with practitioners, then God is with me also."

When we left the boat I was worse, and I wished so much to be in bed somewhere. More often than before we had to stop the car. As we were passing through a forest near our destination, we had to stop again. I went into the woods and reached out to God. Leaning on a tree, I prayed very slowly the Lord's Prayer (see Matt. 6:9–13). Then I thought of the fact that the Christ came to heal the ills of the flesh. I looked up and said out loud, "If that is true, O God, then I can't have this illness." I felt so close to God as I noted the glistening dew on the leaves and the beautiful sky. At that moment I was healed and entirely at peace.

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