Many years ago my mother was very troubled about an ear condition...

Many years ago my mother was very troubled about an ear condition my sister had and took her to a doctor. The doctor said an operation would have to be performed, but Mother refused, as it did not seem right to her. Later she herself became severely ill and was given up by doctors who said that medicine could do no more for her. The doctors said that her two small children would have to be raised by someone else. A friend came to see her and suggested she try Christian Science.

My mother remembered that her father-in-law had been healed by Christian Science, so she asked my father to write him to ask if this Science could help her. Before she had even received a letter back, she was healed. A short while after my mother had received the letter from my grandfather lovingly explaining some of the truths of Christian Science, my sister began to scream with the ear trouble. Mother went to her and spoke of God who is unfailing Love and told her that He would never cause suffering. My sister was quickly healed.

January 11, 1988

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