Is Christian Science evangelical?

To answer this question, it's important to see just what it means to be evangelical. What is the essence of the gospel?

What makes a church evangelical or not evangelical? Many people today, even Christian Scientists, might say that the Christian Science movement belongs in the "not evangelical" category. But it's not likely the earliest Christian Scientists would have agreed with this impression.

The "Historical Sketch" in the Manual of The Mother Church by Mrs. Eddy gives this description of the founding members of the Church of Christ, Scientist, in 1879: "They were members of evangelical churches, and students of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy in Christian Science, and were known as 'Christian Scientists.'" Man., p. 17. Elsewhere Mrs. Eddy writes: "Christian Science is the pure evangelic truth. It accords with the trend and tenor of Christ's teaching and example, while it demonstrates the power of Christ as taught in the four Gospels. Truth, casting out evils and healing the sick; Love, fulfilling the law and keeping man unspotted from the world,—these practical manifestations of Christianity constitute the only evangelism, and they need no creed." Retrospection and Introspection, p. 65.

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January 11, 1988

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