Glorify the infinite

Is this something we can do? Yes—and it's well worth doing!

A Friend of mine used to urge me, "Glorify the infinite." He knew what he was talking about. He had devoted his life to it. On one occasion he had been immobilized and was confined to bed, unable to move. A relative who came to see him was so alarmed that he asked if my friend had made a will. Yet, when he returned a month later, he found my friend completely free and happily carrying out his regular duties.

What had happened? My friend had been glorifying the infinite—through his prayer. Though for days he was unable to move any part of his body, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he devoted every thought to glorifying God. Hour after hour he prayerfully affirmed and reaffirmed the allness, the everywhereness, the onliness, of God, omniactive good.

This humble but insistent acknowledgment of God's allness healed him! And this was only one of many times he had proved that glorifying God opens the way to express the joy, dominion, and freedom that are man's heritage as the son of God. No wonder he urged others to glorify the infinite.

November 23, 1987

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