The Bible: our candle on the water

Looking for their light, we will see what the Scriptures have to tell us.


There is a lovely song entitled "Candle on the Water." To me these words suggest the soft light of a candle just ahead as I travel across the water on a dark, cloudy night. Whenever I think of this image, I feel God's eternal provision and love. The candle reminds me of the Bible, which guides us home and brightens the gloom along the way. If we hold to the spiritual truth we find there, we will make it. We will come at last to a safe harbor.

Anyone who has ever been out on an ocean, lake, or river on a cloudy night knows how dark it can be. The water reflects the blackness of night, so that the darkness seems complete—it is above you, beside you, beneath you. The most important thing at such a time is a sense of direction, a guide—a light to show the way. For me, cloudy nights on the water symbolize the times when we feel utterly lost, surrounded by darkness and fear.

Glorify the infinite
November 23, 1987

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