Its name was "nothing"

Do you know what twins are? The twins I know are named Troy and Tobin, but they don't look very much alike.

Troy and Tobin have already found out that other children don't always agree with everything they do. For instance, the boys at school sometimes make fun of them because they go to a dancing class. The twins want to think things out for themselves, and they also like to talk things over with their Christian Science Sunday School class. They told them how they've tried to explain to their schoolmates that dancing is energetic and fun. But the other boys snigger and do mincing steps to make fun of them. Troy and Tobin take no notice of their silly capers. They can do this because they try hard to listen to God's voice the way people in the Bible did.

Testimony of Healing
For many fine healings received during a lifetime...
July 1, 1985

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