Christian Science has touched every facet of my life—health...

Christian Science has touched every facet of my life— health, companionship, relationships, dispositional traits, marriage, supply, the raising of three children, and much, much more. I am grateful for teachers I had in the Christian Science Sunday School, who enriched the basic understanding of Christian Science I received from my mother, grandmother, and grandfather. As I became more spiritually alert and disciplined thinking—allowing entrance only to the pure thoughts from God—great spiritual blessings were manifested in my life. Each untoward circumstance, I learned, has a spiritual counter fact. And I found proper answers as I listened and followed God-given direction.

One of the greatest challenges I have had came when my husband of thirty-five years passed on suddenly. I was left to make decisions that I felt unqualified and inexperienced to handle. Yet through daily study of Christian Science and faith in God's direction, each human step was taken. I took courses in finance that greatly helped my situation. And I turned a space in the rear of my property into a garden apartment. A dedicated Christian Scientist who needed a home came to live there, and she helped me with the chores.

Testimony of Healing
I am grateful for the many blessings and healings our family...
July 1, 1985

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