I am grateful for the many blessings and healings our family...

I am grateful for the many blessings and healings our family has experienced. Recently we traveled over five hundred kilometers so that I could attend my Christian Science Students Association meeting. Before leaving, I prayed specifically about safety, even though I felt secure in the knowledge that divine Love is with each of us all the way and that there are no danger zones in God's universe. We arrived safely, but the following day, when my husband put the car into reverse, he was unable to turn the steering wheel. He checked the steering mechanism and, to his amazement, discovered that a bolt had fallen off. How grateful we were for this evidence of protection! (The bolt was replaced, and we had a safe return trip.)

Another time I backed my car out of the garage and accidentally hit our dog, who had been lying in the driveway. As soon as we realized what had happened, the children and I began to pray, acknowledging that Love is all around and that there are no accidents in God's kingdom. The dog was shaking with fright and appeared to be injured, so I tried to calm her. As I did, the children and I voiced our gratitude that the spiritual qualities this pet represented—such as joy, fidelity, and trust—could never be hurt or destroyed. Soon our dog was bounding around in her usual fun-filled way, with no trace of injury. There were no aftereffects.

July 1, 1985

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