No lost love

Lost love. It's a theme that seems to pervade human experience—at least if the media are any indication. Best-selling novels are written about it. Movies fill a wide screen with its attendant trials and miseries, while television series shrink them to living room size and dispense them on a daily basis. The lyrics of popular songs, set to catchy rhythms, drive the message home: love is pain; love is frustration; love is the most unpredictable and unreliable quality ever known. Why anyone would want to get involved with love is almost a mystery if we judge it simply by its media image.

And that is precisely the point. That media image is based on a case of mistaken identity. True love involves none of those unhappy characteristics, for true love is spiritual. It is an unalloyed blessing. It is indestructible. True love expresses the very nature of God.

The richest experience
April 15, 1985

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