Let God love you

I have always enjoyed swimming in the ocean by going out into the waves, then jumping and letting them carry me to shore. One day the waves were very large, and when I jumped, instead of going toward shore I felt a strong undertow pulling me down and out. The harder I tried to swim, the more I went out.

I wasn't a good swimmer, and fear gripped me. Yet I turned resolutely to the truth of God that I had learned from studying Christian Science. I denied that evil had power and claimed over and over that God was my Life and that I was safe in the arms of divine Love. Holding fast to these truths, I suddenly felt filled with light, practically matterless. A big wave propelled me toward shore. I felt deep gratitude for one more proof of divine Love's care for its children. The ever-present Christ-power filling my consciousness with the light of Life, not the darkness of death, broke the hold of fear and released me.

Scripture and Science
November 25, 1985

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