Do you long for happiness?

At some time or other we all long for greater happiness. We may seem to be facing a dead end in a job or to be entering one of life's major transitions with little to look forward to. Perhaps we've lost a close friend, and joy seems very far away. But if in our hearts we honestly want to be happy, our heavenly Father makes happiness possible.

Where do we begin? The Bible provides comfort. You might be thinking, "Oh, that's a book for saints." Perhaps. But it's also for you and me and for all struggling to do good. Remember the children of Israel under their ruthless taskmasters in Egypt? Their joy didn't come Hollywood-style—instantly and without work. Through Moses' great patience and persistence they were released from bondage. And God continually cared for them throughout their wilderness journey. Recognition of His care and acceptance of His government brought increased dominion into their lives.

Demonstrating completeness
July 26, 1982

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