Business and birth

Stereotypes of others often come apart at the seams when you get to know the individuals firsthand. Take for instance successful business people—always tough, aggressive, highly competitive. Or are they? Not necessarily. In fact, there are plenty of people in business who have a basic motherly quality about them. After all, isn't it logical that qualities of motherhood would be natural in a profession designed to generate or propagate a product or service and deliver it to the public?

One might say that the very nature of business has something to do with giving birth to ideas. In fact, the creation and development of a business itself has many parallels with the concept of birth. Christian Science brings fresh perspectives to this aspect of the world of business. It provides spiritual insight that fosters such important qualities as newness, strength, continuity, prosperity. A business is given the best birth when it is initiated and sustained by spiritual attributes—when it is first shaped and fashioned with a divine perspective.

After graduation—what?
July 26, 1982

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