Health from God alone

When still a child, I was told that drinking cold milk for supper would cause indigestion and insomnia. Although this warning was eventually forgotten, I developed the habit of warming the milk I drank before bed. This persisted for many years. Then one day my study of Christian Science awakened me to see that this habit was a mental fixation, a false, unwitting fear carried over from childhood. I saw that the fear was quite groundless, with no substance or law to cause harm. Thereafter I could sleep perfectly well on cold milk!

Which latent beliefs of material cause and effect are we cherishing unknowingly? Perhaps we believe that matter in some form— food, climate, environment, for instance—can act as a law detrimental to our health and well-being. But God's laws are totally good and beneficial to man. "God is the lawmaker," writes Mrs. Eddy, "but He is not the author of barbarous codes." Science and Health, p. 381.

Keep the true tone
August 17, 1981

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