During one winter our car was not working properly

During one winter our car was not working properly. At that time we did not have a garage, and starting it on cold mornings was a problem. I had read that a warm battery is more effective than a cold one; so on an especially cold night I decided to remove the battery from the car and bring it into the warm basement.

The next morning I got up extra early and went outside to install the battery. It was still dark, and as I made the electrical connections, my wrench accidentally touched the metal part of the car. There was a spark that apparently caused the hydrogen gas in the battery to explode. It blew up in my face, forcing battery acid into my mouth, nose, and ears. I was sprayed with acid from head to toe, except for my eyes (I was wearing glasses).

Testimony of Healing
Many years ago, while my daughter was an infant, both of my...
December 29, 1980

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