Unscrambling the egg

Can one unscramble an egg? This metaphor, which is so often used when considering the possibility of going back on some action that has turned out to be ill-advised, is misleading. It implies the impossibility of reversing a situation and undoing damage that may have been caused through a hasty or unwise move.

Yet Christian Science maintains that even when a foolish decision or mismanagement has totally changed the structure of an organization, the texture of a relationship, or a style of life, the situation is not hopeless. This Science demonstrates that a human situation is never so irrevocably "scrambled" as to make adjustment impossible—if that is what intelligence and integrity require.

One woman proved this when faced with reports of the failure of a family business in another country, from which she and her relatives derived their income. This business—a department store—had thrived for many years on a solid basis of service to the public but had deteriorated to a point of total loss through mismanagement.

Knowing the truth makes us free
October 1, 1979

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