A few years ago, while I was browsing through a bookstore looking...

A few years ago, while I was browsing through a bookstore looking at the latest arrivals, I noticed four or five on the subjects of higher consciousness, meditation, and astrology. For a moment I just stood there, overcome with gratitude that I no longer looked at such books for possible answers to the question closest to my heart, "What is life all about?"

For a good ten years I had searched organized and unorganized religions for answers. It was my primary concern to find the truth of being. Nothing else was important. But each time I came to a dead end—the religion was not perfect or complete. Sometimes I wasn't sure why I rejected a particular religion or philosophy. I even tried to put concepts together piecemeal, but that didn't work either. I finally reached a point where I thought I wouldn't find a road to my answer, at least not at this stage of existence. It seemed I had exhausted all sources, including eastern religions, astrology, yoga, drugs, and others.

October 1, 1979

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