Soon after the beginning of school last year, our daughter's first-grade...

Soon after the beginning of school last year, our daughter's first-grade teacher called to tell me that our child was responding very little in class and seemed quite different from her classmates. The teacher also felt that our little girl had serious learning difficulties that were going to prevent her from progressing normally in school.

The principal of the school called subsequently to ask if he could set up an appointment for the child with a school psychologist. I declined and explained that this problem would be solved through Christian Science treatment.

We called a practitioner for help, and she reminded me that the picture of a slow-learning mortal was not our daughter's true identity, and we should never accept such a false suggestion about man. She encouraged me to overcome my fear—assuring me that this child is in reality the very expression of intelligence, alertness, perfection, and awareness, which are derived from God. Mortal mind has no power to act and no channel to act through, because God originates all action. This action always produces excellence, since it has a divine source. The ever-presence of the Christ reveals these Godlike qualities in our lives, and therefore they cannot be ignored or hidden.

Testimony of Healing
Before I retired, I worked in a factory making photographic...
October 1, 1979

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