Treatment that finalizes healing

There may be times we need to buckle down, through prayer, and challenge a specific difficulty we have let slide along. On the other hand, there are those instances when we have initiated the healing work but we've not yet brought it to a conclusion. Just as it is important to overcome any resistance to tackling healing through prayer, it is also important to overcome any resistance to concluding the healing treatment.

The human mind is inconclusive. That is its nature. This so-called mind is indefinite, indecisive. It never quite admits completeness. Sometimes a healing is not entirely finalized because we haven't moved sufficiently away from the supposed human mind and its basis of matter to the only real Mind there is, God. Mind is complete. It is final. Man is expressive of this Mind. God is man's Mind—his only Mind. Man is the accurate representation of Mind. Mortals are a counterfeit of man. Mind is immortal. Mortals do not represent Mind. They represent an inaccurate and distorted view of man. A mortal supposes he has his own personal mind—limited and fallible. But man doesn't possess a personal mind. He reflects divine Mind.

The merry-go-round
September 4, 1978

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