Reaching out?

Have you ever been troubled because your attempts to reach out to others didn't seem to produce results? Or because you felt the channels for giving were blocked by conditions you couldn't control? If so, it's heartening to realize that the brilliance of God's being—His "radiancy divine" Christian Science Hymnal, No. 206; —is reflected by man and the universe. God sends a floodtide of blessing that overflows the narrow confines of human circumstance and reaches all who are receptive to it.

Through a mistaken sense of how the love that reflects God, divine Love, operates, we often seem to frustrate our own desire to give. We believe that, like astronauts, we're caught in some gravitational field against which we must exert mighty counter forces in order to reach and impart something to others "out there." How much simpler it would be if we patterned the sun's effortless giving! The sun just radiates and by doing so naturally shines on people in all directions. Understanding this helps us avoid the common error of believing that love is called forth only by an object.

Spiritual "serendipity"
September 4, 1978

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