Through the study of Christian Science fear for my children...

Through the study of Christian Science fear for my children has been largely overcome. Among the many healings we have had through the study and application of Science are so-called children's diseases, burns, effects of accidents, as well as many other disorders.

One boy was healed of a crushed and broken finger. He and his friends were at an observation tower. A heavy weight had broken loose, and came down on the tips of two of his fingers. I received a phone call telling me my son was in the emergency room at a local hospital. After hanging up the phone I went to the hospital. When I arrived, they showed me X-rays and said that the nerves and bones were crushed in one finger, and another finger was badly cut and broken. I was told it was impossible for the crushed finger to heal and that it would have to be amputated. I said I would not allow that, but then realized it was my son's decision, not mine. He decided to have Christian Science treatment, and after simple bandaging we left the hospital. I phoned a Christian Science practitioner to pray for the boy and to support our own prayer in Christian Science.

April 24, 1978

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