The source of creativity

Although studies have been made of the habits and attitudes of those considered creative, relatively little has been written about the true source and nature of inspiration. Where do constructive ideas come from? "From out of the blue" as the old saying goes? Or from the subconscious as some modern thinking has it? These sources offer little hope for the one judged non-creative.

Christian Science shows that there is no mystery about the source of creative ability. Every facet of genuine originality comes from Mind, from God. Mind is not a mere computer with an enormous but finite capacity. Divine Mind is unlimited Spirit, infinitely imparting inspiration to its creation, and we can prove this. We can distinguish between the spontaneity that springs from Mind and mere compulsions that mislead and have no true source. The ability to discern valid choices, even in the midst of confusing alternatives, stems from Mind, the source of purpose, beauty, and integrity.

Dealing with strikes scientifically
April 24, 1978

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