Noticing miracles

Not just in healings of the sick,and raising of the living dead.We need to notice miraclesin trivial roundings of the day—the uncaughttrembling smile or the unseen thoughtbefore it has transformed reluctant lips, flowers of innocent being, bursting tips of ice away / crocuses in the dankest earth. Do we stop to mark the endless worth/ lost / forgotten / sadly overlooked, never beyond the hope of recognition/ of another's triumphant change of heart?No herald is heard, no announcement face-to-face,but somehow it is there—the miracle of graces,like rainbow-promise evidence of Love—somewhere / somewhen / in least expected placesbut trapped by fear and waiting to be free,daring us, with mercy, recognizeand love that change of heart for all eternity.

Gerald Stanwell

A correct evaluation of oneself
March 20, 1978

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