Healing multiple discords

A phenomenon of spiritual healing that often surprises newcomers to Christian Science is that a discordant condition is sometimes healed even though the practitioner on the case, who is giving treatment for another condition, has no knowledge that the second discord exists. Treatment has been requested for one difficulty, and then another undisclosed problem is solved as well. How could this be?

The fact is, human discords—whether physical disease, business or relationship difficulties, loss or lack—are all mental. Christian Science explains that they are without exception objectifications of the false thoughts that are entertained in human consciousness. If we accept unhealthy beliefs that we are, for instance, separate from God, alone, friendless, joyless, unloved, we are liable to have these beliefs manifested outwardly as unhealthy bodily conditions. The only effective way to heal discords is to correct the false beliefs of which they are the objectification with the understanding of the truth of spiritual being. Then the outward manifestation will improve.

See God?
October 2, 1978

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