When I was a child, and long before I had even heard of...

When I was a child, and long before I had even heard of Christian Science, I attended a Protestant Sunday School where I learned to love the Bible stories. I remember well the indignation I felt when I first heard of Peter's denial of Jesus. "Why didn't he stand up for his friend?" I asked. "I know I would!"

Years later, after becoming a student of Christian Science, I learned that fidelity to the Christ requires more than a mere personal sense of loyalty. Rather, it demands strict adherence to divine Principle, God, as Christ Jesus lived and taught.

Shortly after I had begun the earnest study of Christian Science, I was alarmed to find my throat painful and swollen. Swallowing was difficult. I requested treatment from a Christian Science practitioner, who asked me to give careful thought to a citation from Unity of Good by Mrs. Eddy. Referring to Jesus, it reads (p. 11), "He demanded a change of consciousness and evidence, and effected this change through the higher laws of God."

July 18, 1977

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