After the death of one very dear to me who had been a profound...

After the death of one very dear to me who had been a profound influence on my life, I suffered severe chest and back pains, coupled with an inability to breathe normally. I sought the prayerful treatment of a Christian Science practitioner, who helped faithfully for several months. There were periods of semi-release, but I also had times of pain and fear that I was passing on.

As the months passed, I felt an obstruction in the areas of my heart and lungs. Numerous pictures of incurable disease paraded before my thought, and the fear of passing on continued to plague me. I spent hours in the study of the Bible and Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, and in affirming and reaffirming the truths of Christian Science. Very gradually progress became apparent. With the coming of spring, the pain had disappeared, but the obstruction to my breathing still seemed very uncomfortable.

Throughout this time I was forced to see more clearly than ever before that God is my Life and that life is not in matter to pass out of matter. This, I recognized, was the truth about my friend as well. I was seeing, too, that I could not be separated for an instant from the love of our Father-Mother God and that neither could my dear friend.

July 18, 1977

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