Reversing Reversal

An advantage of scientific spiritual healing over other therapeutic methods is that the individual who is healed by its ministrations need not suffer a recurrence of the ailment. On this scientific basis the healing is permanent. The prophet's vision is fulfilled concerning God's power to destroy what is contrary to His goodness: "He will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time." Nah. 1:9;

No affliction can recur after God has healed it. All evil conditions are brought about in human experience by false belief in a power and presence apart from God, good. When the true understanding of God's ever-presence is gained and the specific false belief is utterly destroyed, the unhealthy bodily conditions that are outward manifestations of this belief are healed.

Christian Science shows that physical illnesses—all human discords —are the objectification of thoughts that ignore or deny God's law of harmony and accept as real some discord or belief in evil. They are the consequences, in belief, of reversing truth—in belief, only, since it is actually impossible for truth to be reversed. In fact, matter in its entirety is the subjective state of mortal thought—the objectification of false belief. Physical discord is produced by mentally reversing truth. Its basis is a lie.

July 18, 1977

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