Ideal Companionship

There are times when some people think longingly of a place where they can "get away from it all." Pressures of human relationships, business problems, family vexations, weigh heavily on them, and the life of seclusion seems to offer welcome respite. But in their hearts these would-be dropouts from society usually know that within days they are likely to be yearning for human companionship again.

John Donne truly said in one of his Devotions, "No man is an Iland, intire of itselfe." Human feelings and actions appear to bear this out. From earliest childhood it seems that human beings long for intimate companionship. They yearn for someone special to feel close to both mentally and physically—someone whose presence is a comfort and who responds by finding in them a similar satisfaction and sense of completeness. It is no doubt this yearning of the human heart for warmth of togetherness that attracts people to seek marriage, or to congregate in communes and retirement colonies. The collective style of living appears to offer a hope of friendship and security from loneliness that is appealing to young and old alike.

October 10, 1977

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