What a view!

The Lesson of the Prism

Have you ever experimented with a glass prism? If so, you know that these prisms bend the rays of sunlight, enabling one to see clearly and distinctly each of the colors of the spectrum present in a ray of light. And yet, without the prism one looks at a ray of light and never sees its colors.

Just as we need a prism in order to see the vibrant colors of the spectrum that are present in each beam of white light, so Christian Science—God's prism—gives us an understanding of God's allness through these seven synonyms for Him: Mind, Principle, Spirit, Soul, Life, Truth, Love. All of these synonyms are necessary to form a correct and complete concept of God. In Retrospection and Introspection Mrs. Eddy writes, "Science is the prism of Truth, which divides its rays and brings out the hues of Deity." Ret., p. 35;

Arrest that Bad Thought!
March 27, 1976

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