I have had many proofs of the healing power of Christian Science...

I have had many proofs of the healing power of Christian Science treatment. As a child I was healed of appendicitis, whooping cough, colds, measles, a sprained knee, and skinned knees and body as the result of having fallen out of a moving car. As a young adult I have been healed of smoking, a twisted ankle, colds, and influenza.

Prior to the birth of our first child the doctor told my husband to call the Christian Science practitioner helping me and tell her that he was going to have to use instruments to aid in the birth, as the child was not in the proper position. The baby responded at once to the prayerful treatment given by the practitioner and turned to the correct position. This response to Mind's direction resulted in the child's protection, and no instruments were used to aid her birth. My husband and I were both grateful for the doctor's acknowledgment of the power of Christian Science treatment in requesting the call to the practitioner.

March 27, 1976

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