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It is an unspeakable blessing for mankind that Mrs. Eddy not...

It is an unspeakable blessing for mankind that Mrs. Eddy not only received the revelation of this divine Science but also founded the Church of Christ, Scientist, and gave the teaching the practical foundation humanity needs. I am thinking now of Christian Science nursing, as provided under Article VIII, Section 31, entitled "Christian Science Nurse," in the Manual of The Mother Church by Mrs. Eddy. From our experience, speaking figuratively of the support our family received from the ministrations of a Christian Science nurse, I would like to say that the nursing service is there for someone who is climbing a steep, narrow stairway and while under way has to grasp hold of a railing.

When we were once in need of the nursing service, we observed the nurse's work was consistent with the standards of discipline and love prescribed in the Manual. From this arose great prudence in regard to the management of the household, unswerving assurance in maintaining the truth in the face of error, and a serene joy that divine Principle is in control. All this was very helpful and comforting.

November 6, 1976

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