"Well, yes, God is All, but..."

No Yehbuts!

When a couple we know were rearing their children, they always tried to be open-minded and listen to the children's side of things. But occasionally a situation would arise where there was really only one side. Then they would have to take a firm stand. The children were apt to whine, "Yeh but, Dad. ..." Dad would reply, "No yehbuts this time!" "No yehbuts" got to be a family expression that meant, That's the end of this discussion. Period.

When I heard this explained one time, I thought, "What a good guideline for Christian Science treatment!" I was reminded of an experience I had while still a Sunday School pupil. I worked one summer at a retirement home for Christian Scientists, far from my own home and family. During the summer a problem came up that I couldn't seem to handle through my own prayers. One evening I asked my supervisor, an experienced Scientist, if she would help me. She readily agreed.

October 23, 1976

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