No Ups and Downs

No worthwhile endeavor need turn to failure if we acknowledge its true origin. To do this we have to understand man's identity as the beloved idea of God, divine Mind. This Mind is ever-present good; therefore we are subject only to good, to God's perfect will for His idea, man.

Does it sometimes seem that a promising start or a cherished hope has to be followed by a letdown? Or perhaps a little bit of frustration before our good expectations can come to fruition? But Mind's creation isn't subject to the fluctuations of a material, chance-ridden life. God's plan for His idea is wholly good, and the application of this truth brings a sense of evenness and stability to our lives. Mrs. Eddy writes: "Defeat need not follow victory. Joy over good achievements and work well done should not be eclipsed by some lost opportunity, some imperative demand not yet met." The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 134;

The Way to Harmony
October 23, 1976

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