Living Without Stress or Strain

To many today the key question for normal, healthy living appears to be one of how to cope with stress. Whether this is humanly true or not, we need to be free from believing that existence is material and therefore subject to such threats.

Nothing needs to happen in overcoming stress, except the acquisition of increased spiritual understanding. Christian Science is the spiritually scientific Christ method applicable to daily living. It points out that, as God's image, man dwells in His infinite presence, forever reflecting the Father's power. Man is not made of, confined in, or compressed by matter, but he exists as divine Love's boundless expression. Everything needful for harmonious life and perfect happiness exists for man in Mind, now and forever. The infinity of God is natural, inevitable, and always here. Being is immediate presence; there is no time or space between divine Being and its manifestation. All man has to do is to be. He does not have to strive to be. To understand this frees us from believing in stress and strain.

The value of Association Meetings
May 24, 1975

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