During Christmas vacation of my senior year in college, I...

During Christmas vacation of my senior year in college, I began to look for a teaching position in an elementary school. At that time the job market looked very dim. There were thousands of qualified teachers unable to obtain teaching positions. Yet I knew that God had a place for me and all I needed to do was listen. After making application to seventeen school districts, I returned to college. Every time suggestions of unavailability of teaching positions would come to me I would realize that God supplies His children with all good. I knew God would put me in the place where I was needed.

During my spring vacation I returned to California for job interviews, yet all the districts continued to tell me they had no openings. When summer arrived, I took a job as a clerk doing secretarial work and continued to search for a teaching position. Before each interview I prayed for God's guidance.

Finally school began in September, and I still did not have a job. I began to doubt that I ever would. I realized that error was tempting me to give up. This awakened me to continue to listen for God's guidance. I was offered a secretarial position, but I felt that I had gone to college to learn how to teach. I realized that what I wanted to do most was to follow God's direction and not my own human plans of teaching school. I gave up all human will and said, "Lord, I will take any position You want me to fill." I then became very peaceful.

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March 22, 1975

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