Be Glad You're You

You can only be what you are—and why would anyone want to be different? What you truly and spiritually are is what God made you to be, the individual expression of His goodness, and that is the best and happiest being it is possible to have.

You are a whole, immortal identity, unique and complete as God's reflection. In reality you include all the spiritual qualities of God, of Truth, Love, Life, Mind, Principle, Spirit, and Soul, Just as everyone else does. Yet there is not another person exactly like you in the whole of God's universe. There's infinite variety in the kingdom of heaven. Like snowflakes that are constituted of the same substance, though each one appears in a different form, so each of us consists of the same spiritual qualities but expresses them in an individual way.

You're you, and others are themselves. All are made by the one divine, creative intelligence to express His infinite beauty, greatness, and grandeur. Others bring to you a special, different expression of God's nature, and you do the same to them—that's to say, you do if you understand and value what you uniquely are and display your true spiritual nature openly instead of hiding it under a mask.

March 22, 1975

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