Health and the Weather

Health is a condition of Mind, not of matter. Whether, according to the human picture, we live in tropical or arctic regions, at ocean level or high in the mountains, we never need suffer from the belief that the climate can affect our health. Whatever the weather —cold or hot, damp or dry, freshened by breezes from the south or gusts from the north—it cannot endanger our well-being. In truth man is the child of God, an idea of immutable, divine Mind, invariably maintained in His perfect image. We can be confident that this understanding of true being will always keep us active and at peace whatever the condition of the weather may be.

The Bible speaks of the blessings of rain, attributing it to God's tender care. It refers to the gratitude we should feel toward Him "who prepareth rain for the earth." Ps. 147:8; It tells us that even the snow and hail come from His "treasures" Job 38:22; —His treasuries or storehouses. As our understanding of God's merciful love for His universe increases, we will prove there is no penalty connected with the falling of moisture in any form upon the earth. Damaging storms will cease to occur, and the health of human beings will no longer be affected by changes of temperature.

How Big Is Our World?
November 29, 1975

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