by understanding God as Father-Mother

Most of us can recall when the love of a parent has saved the day. One may remember an incident when he did the right thing because his father expected it. Another may recall how family misunderstandings were cleared up through the patient persistence of his mother, who saw (and spoke of) only the good in each member.

Still another may know of someone who, after a bad start in life, finally turned out all right because a friend—not necessarily a mother or father, but one who expressed the qualities of parental love—continued to care, to encourage, to forgive, and thereby helped him develop conscious worth and self-esteem. This friend's awareness of the rights of others and respect for their aspirations, as well as his recognitions of the need for the wise curbing of impulses and self-indulgence, helped provide the mental climate for spiritual growth and the development of judgment, wisdom, and responsibility.

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June 15, 1974

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