Love's Law of Salvation

Though God loves the world, His sympathy is not human pity. It is the outpouring of the Father-Mother Love, the divine understanding, conscious of nothing but the presence of His own nature and ideal creation. His sympathy is light, which destroys the darkness of materiality, not by having any knowledge of the darkness, but because the very nature of light exposes the darkness as an illusion, a belief in the absence of light. God knows us only as immortals, as His beloved children, spiritual, perfect, whole, complete.

The law of divine Principle is at work bringing about the salvation of the human from mortality. In this salvation here and hereafter the mortal does not become immortal; but as the glorious light of God dawns, material darkness is dissolved and consciousness is progressively uplifted, renewed, regenerated.

Purifying Our Environment
March 27, 1971

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