Bring the Letter to Life

The writings of Mrs. Eddy impart both the letter and the spirit of Christian Science. A first reading of these books gives one all the fundamental facts of this Science. By studying Mrs. Eddy's works we can easily commit many statements to memory.

However, though the fact that three times three equals nine is easily learned, one could repeat this formula a thousand times and it would still be a meaningless statement until it was accurately used, whether in adding up a grocery list or working out a complicated mathematical problem. It is the same in Christian Science. Words repeated are meaningless formulas unless the idea or spirit expressed in the words is accurately applied in living. Mrs. Eddy tells us, "The spirit, and not the letter, performs the vital functions of Truth and Love." Miscellaneous Writings, p. 260;

To Give Is to Receive
October 16, 1971

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