Utilizing the Energy of Spirit

Many who have suffered from fatigue in their work have realized that there must be a better way of working and have turned unreservedly to Christian Science. This Science teaches the spiritual nature of true work as the active expressing of Spirit, God, and it shows how to demonstrate in human experience the divine energy of Spirit.

Christian Science teaches that man is spiritual, God's expression. All thought and action of the spiritual man is governed, controlled, and regulated by the one Mind, God. His energy is God-given. The divine energy of Spirit motivates and stimulates one in proportion as it is claimed and utilized in daily living. Divine Spirit is the source of tireless, intelligent, joyful activity. As this is understood and accepted, one finds the mortal mind, or material, sense of fatigue superseded by the true sense of harmonious activity.

The case of the Blundering Dispatch
July 25, 1970

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