Handle the Resentment First

If a careful analysis of our thinking about social and personal problems were made, it would be found that much disturbed thinking and living is based on resentment. Some people seem to spend an entire lifetime in a state of chronic resentment. Perhaps they resent the social status of their family. A wife may resent the domineering manner of a husband. A husband may resent the habits and attitudes of a neighbor or of his family. These unhealthy states of thought may be expressed in inharmony of many kinds, including the ill health of the individual harboring them.

Christian Science heals resentment by turning thought away from the false belief that there is a cause for this unwholesome state of thought to the truth of man's spiritual being in God. God is good, and God is All; therefore good is all and there is nothing to resent. The evil that appears to be real does not belong to man, and one can prove its unreality by claiming his perfect sonship with God. In this divine relationship harmony is always the fact.

Utilizing the Energy of Spirit
July 25, 1970

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