Align Yourself with God's Power

The Niagara River flows with tremendous force just before it goes over the Falls. Its rapids swirl between banks whose bushes are coated with ice in winter and beneath rainbows that form in its mist all summer. As children, my brothers and I often played along the banks, stepping right to the edge of the rapids or standing on the ledges directly beneath the Falls. Always the sense of overwhelming power affected me. It intrigued me that men had harnessed this power to supply light and energy to factories and homes hundreds of miles away. Sometimes when I plugged in a lamp at home, I would think, "I'm using the power of Niagara Falls!"

To me, the Falls has always stood as a symbol of the omnipotent power of Spirit. This power is infinite and unceasingly available. The Christ, or Truth, the divine, healing message to mankind, brings this power into human experience. Because the Christ is ever present, ever speaking to the human consciousness, what we need is to understand and utilize the Christ-power, to open our thinking to it. This is how Christ Jesus healed. He was so conscious of his spiritual identity as the reflection of God that he utilized the power of divine Principle in dispelling sickness and sin.

You Are Married Now!
June 6, 1970

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